To My Fellow Christians, Americans and Facebook Friends

This is what I found on Facebook this afternoon. I’ve seen versions of this post many, many times. I have a problem with it. Please read it and I’ll explain.


Here’s the thing. A reminder that our hearts and thoughts are supposed to be focused on the Christ and not on Best Buy and Macy’s?  I’m all good with that. If you’re a Christian, take that to heart and try to spend as much time on prayer and in the scripture as you do flipping through catalogs. Many of my Facebook friends post prayer concerns, mission possibilities, testimonials and encouragement and I think that’s great.

What I object to, and I see this over and over again in Christian posts, is the insistence that I repost the reminder, and if I don’t, the declaration that I am thereby denying my Lord.

I’m sorry, but you don’t get to make that decision. Ditto to all my friends who post pictures in support of our military, again with the added, “Repost IF you support our troops…”

Please feel free to share whatever you like on Facebook–it’s that kind of medium and I’m seeing absolutely mind-boggling things there, enough to plot a book, BUT…

Please do not tell me that if I do not choose to share my faith, my patriotism, my politics, or, for crying out loud, the love of my children, exactly the way you have chosen to share yours, it means I’m not a Christian, a true American, a loving mother, whatever.

There is only One who can make that judgement.  It’s not you.


Great news for Faithful Unto Death! Fresh Fiction, a terrific fan-based review site, has chosen Faithful Unto Death as their Fresh Pick for today!

What is a Fresh Pick?  “A committee of readers selects books from every genre that are the best reads for a theme. Sometimes the theme is a current event, a holiday, sometimes the time of year, and sometimes just the whim of the readers. Sounds like what real readers do when they choose their own reading, whatever catches their fancy. You can visit the Fresh Pick for the day, or see the past week by clicking on the book at the top of very page. Or, if you prefer you can get a copy of today’s Fresh Pick in your mail box — simply subscribe to our Fresh Pick newsletter.”

Please drop by Fresh Fiction and check it out–click on Faithful Unto Death, too! They gave the book a wonderful review.

My Flaming Heart–Best Of Houston

Judy and Richard and Debbie

This weekend, Richard and I took a staycation in downtown Houston.  Priceline got us a four star hotel for $68 a night.  We saw Black Coffee at the Alley Theatre (loved it—witty and funny and silly and beautifully produced and yes, I guessed the murderer way early), One of Judy's fabricsdropped in on the retro Barbeque Inn (like dropping in on 1958—“What is this chopped tomato side?” “Uh, well, Hun, we take fresh tomatoes and we chop ‘em.”) and, of joy!  Oh delight!  Discovered Judy Masliyah’s dress and jewelry store, My Flaming Heart.  Judy and Debbie, resident psycho genius artists and warm, friendly delightful type people (and Judy’s husband plays tango—really—he does) were just about the most fun we had all weekend.  Judy designs extraordinary dresses and shirts and skirts out of fabrics you will not see anywhere else that I’ve ever been,  and Debbie is a jewelry wunderkind (she’s just a baby, in spite of the plethora of gorgeous red hair, so wunderkind is appropriate).

One of Debbie’s found object necklaces.

Richard, who is the best man who ever walked and talked, custom ordered a dress for me!  Yay!  It will be the dress that I wear to the Malice Domestic banquet next year and no one else will have anything like it. AND he surprised me later with one of Debbie’s found object jewelry creations.  Yes, I’m in love.  With Richard, too, I mean, not just the dress and the necklace.

Judy has a huge book full of patterns you won’t find at Nordstroms and I want a dress in each one.  You see two of them here.


See, it’s places and people like this that make me Houston Proud.

Fun fabric