News Links

Terrifically important NPR link (No, that’s not an oxymoron.  It’s not any kind of moron.)

Favorite Random NonWriting-Related Video Links

Take Me Out — Atomic Tom On the NYC Subway — This is a video Charlie Cicack alerted me to.  I love it and it makes me totally believe in Technology and enterprising  people.

If you haven’t yet discovered the charm of rainforest sloths, you really need to visit this site.  Sloths aren’t as cute as pugs, but they’re contenders – they are serious contenders.

This is a site showing soldiers being welcomed home by dogs and kids.  I’m completely good with the dog videos (who can complain about a dog video?) but I’ll admit I was uncomfortable watching the soldier dads greet their surprised children.  Every child cried.  It seemed to me a moment of such intimacy was maybe not something the whole world should share.  On the other hand, it’s not a bad thing to be reminded of what these young men, and their families, are giving up.                                                                            — Evans Cicack introduced me to this website and it has changed my life.  My musical life.  When I’m at home, or near my pc.  You can listen to anything you want.  Seriously.  Key in an artist’s name and there it is, everything they’ve ever recorded (as far as I can tell).  I LOVE this site.  Way fun to play with.

Simon’s Cat — this artist completely understands cats.  Really.  It’s great fun.

Sand animation – This video is from Ukraine’s Got Talent.  And you have to watch it.  All eight minutes of it.  It’s not a freak show entry; I promise.  It’s profound, and lovely and moving.

New Link for Mystery Lovers  This is Molly Weston’s blog — she’s the editor of Sisters in Crime’s inSinc (, so you can be assured she knows what she is writing about! Check it out!


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