UPDATED — How to Subscribe to my Blog — Easy! Free!! Good Value!!!

Obey the PUG!

You know how I promise subscribing is easy?  Alright, well, terms like that are relative.  BUT.  If you’d like to receive email updates when there is a new post, here’s how you do it.  Scroll to the bottom of any post.  You’ll see, in fine print, “comments.”  Click “comments.”  Write something nice (you don’t really have to – you can still see the box to check).  Below the reply box and the box that reads “Post comment” there is a tiny box that says “Subscribe by email to this site.”  OR, depending on your internet provider, it might say “notify me of site updates.”  Or something similar.  If you see a box that says “Notify me of follow up comments” you’re just going to get info on that specific story.

Anyway, it’s usually a tiny, light print notification. You will feel a strong compulsion to check this box.  Give in!  Check the box!!  Free!  Fat-free (even better)!  You will feel strong and empowered (or I will and I will pay it forward).

After you check the subscribe by email box, a confirmation email will appear in your email.  Click confirm and you’re done!

Many thanks to Thomas Wheeler who taught me the process — I didn’t have a clue until he helped me.


26 thoughts on “UPDATED — How to Subscribe to my Blog — Easy! Free!! Good Value!!!

  1. OK. I want to subscribe and the “little box that says ‘Subscribe by email to this site'” still has not shown up.


  2. I teared when I read the importance the written word has had on you throughout your life. It wasnt like new news to me or anything but I did get a different underatnding. Instantly in my head I went back to the many times I instinctively snatched the paperback version of Goodnight Moon from the girls bookshelf not realizing that leaving that pretty prestine hardback copy on the shelf meant they were missing out on one the most important parts of the story, your loving gift of words. The efforts of protecting the pretty hardcover version from the not so delicate hands of my rough and tumble girls didnt do them or the books any favors . I should have removed those hardcover books from the plate stands they rested upon on top of that bookshelf because a book is not truely a book unless it is worn!! Lots of love xoxoxox

  3. I am the daughter of Roger and Avanelle Powell. I was 2 when we moved to Long Island in 1963. Even as a small child I remember many things about Long Island.
    My dad loved all of the reunions and enjoyed keeping in touch with everyone. The last summer I spent with him he was showing me pictures that he had taken at the last reunion. Sadly, he passed away, January 2006,from a massive coronary.
    My mom has continued to keep in touch with your dad and others from Long Island.
    The time we spent in New York was one of the best times for our family.
    I enjoyed your Wondrous Burns story. I look forward to reading more.
    God bless!

  4. Stephanie, What a wonderful and colorful blog you have! I look forward to keeping up with you through this site. Love you.
    Niecy Moss

    • Kathy! Thank you so much for your comments! Listen, I don’t have a clue how to add you to the blog list. I think when you leave a comment, you should get a tiny box to check if you’d like to subscribe (I would LOVE FOR YOU TO SUBSCRIBE and I promise not to bombard you). If this doesn’t work, let me know, and I will find an adolescent male to fix the problem for me.

  5. Being a member at FCCC since it’s start, I was particularly tickled with Bear stopping at our old building (Fort Bend ISD annex) and the discussion on whose cross was higher – CofC or Baptist across 59 😃

  6. Enjoyed the book. Being a member at FCCC since it’s start, I was particularly tickled with Bear stopping at our old building (Fort Bend ISD annex) and the discussion on whose cross was higher – CofC or Baptist across 59 😃

  7. got here via Fresh Picks – loved the review, read the excerpt on Amazon, can’t wait to read all those other pages deleted from the excerpt!

  8. Stephanie…we met last Saturday at Magpies when I purchased your book and you signed it for my friend, Tony. Of course I just HAD to read it first. It is delightful!!! So much fun to read about familiar locations and even learn about some new spots. It was a hard book to put down…cant wait for the next one! Thanks again!
    P.S. I was so pleased to see the review by Julia Spencer-Fleming! Another favorite author!

    • Jeanne–I’m a huge Julia Spencer-Fleming fan. We share the same publisher, but I’ve never gotten to meet her. I was so grateful for the blurb she gave the book and grateful, too, for your kind words! The second book, Safe From Harm, comes out March 5th, 2013. I had a great time at Magpies; thank you for coming by. 🙂

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