I want to bring everyone up to date on where we are in the Oh, Please, God, PLEASE let-me-get-my-book-published effort.

Things are looking pretty good!

Remember the first day of Dr. Schneider’s Violence and Human Nature class (we all now know it should have been named the Violence and almost always Male Nature class) and we all told what our daytime job was and Hank was an anesthesiologist and flew helicopters on life-saving missions and Michele kept Rice University grounded and in the top-fifty and Roswitha was in charge of preparing world-dominating companies for potential Armageddon-like scenarios all our other classmates had equally intimidating life-trajectories and I said I scrubbed potties for a living and it turned out I was the only one there who scrubbed potties for a living?

Okay, I’m still in charge of the potties here but now if we were all to go around the table and tell our life trajectories I would answer that I scrub potties for a living AND that my 70,000 word novel Standing On the Promises is being represented by one of the most ferociously accomplished agents in New York City (Janet Reid, — check out her award-wining blog — it’s fantastic) and has gone out to publishers as of last week.

Soooo.  That’s all good. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Say a prayer.  I’m doing both.


11 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Makes me smile, Stephanie. Makes me smile. And proud. And happy.

    Thanks for taking us along on the ride with you. And let us know what we can do. More substantive stuff to follow later. Valhalla misses not seeing you as much. As do we. As for potties: everyone cleans potties, or they should.

    As always, wishing you blue skies.


  2. Such heart-warming stories. Some humerous, some exciting, some informative, and most all are moving. I am always looking forward to the “installment”. Can hardly wait-keep them coming Stephanie.

  3. I am getting ahead of myself with anticipation, but, of course I will try to get one of the first copies. I am perhaps the world’s expert on stories about weird church of Christ preachers, and I need to keep up to date on this expertise. Lynn

  4. I cannot wait to get the book, obtain your autograph and add to my growing library. Thanks for giving me the headsup to what will soon be a wonderful read. I know you have a rich heritage of Church of Christ preachers in your life and look forward to hearing and reading more of such, albeit fact or fiction reading. Your family and friends are very proud of you obviously and deservedly and this new budding success.

  5. Impatient. That’s what I am. But certainly no more so than you. I’m really enjoying your website and writings.

    Just stumbled across an article from More Intelligent Life regarding why novelists write:
    (The above is an experiment. 🙂

    Maybe there’s something there of interest. Meanwhile, I will keep coming back to enjoy your good stuff, and looking at for my emails from Stephanie.

    Blue skies.

    • Les, first thing I did this morning was click onto your link and read the wonderful article about the virtues of being a stehaufmannchen. Then I went onto eBay and bid on a cowboy stehaufmannchen (that’s “roly-poly” in English). I need the reminder. Thank you for the reminder AND the support. Stephanie

    • The second book, Safe From Harm, is in the edit stage. I expect it to come out in less than a year, but Berkely hasn’t given me a date yet. I’ll post the date as soon as I hear. Thank you again for your encouraging words.

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